Image copyright notice

Commercial use

To use these photos for a commercial purpose, please contact us indicating the photograph(s) of interest and the use thereof. We will then discuss our terms with you via email - they may be no more than the terms for Non commercial use depending on various factors.

Non commercial use

We're happy for you to make as much use as possible from the photographs that we have taken in a non commercial environment. To do that, we grant you the following license.

  1. This license applies to the Photographs at EXCLUDING icons or other images and also EXCLUDING any photos marked as the copyright of anyone other than Jane (such copyright notices are at the bottom of the page containing the full sized version of the image).
  2. You are free to make copies of the Photographs, providing:
    1. For both on-line and print publications, you include a copyright notice, such as "Photo: Jane Dallaway".
    2. For on-line publications, you also include a link to the original web page containing the image
    3. For print publications, you also send us a single copy of the publication carrying the Photographs. Please contact us for higher-quality versions of the Photographs.
  3. Disclaimer: no warranty is provided with respect to any copyright clearance for any of the Photographs. If you intend to use the Photographs, it is your responsibility to obtain any such clearance.
  4. You agree to indemnify and make harmless from any and all claims, demands or other liabilities, including legal fees and costs, that are made by any third party due to or arising from your use of the Photographs.

Non compliance

Anyone not adhering to these license conditions, will find themselves listed in our Hall of Shame.


If you would like to request a print for yourself, please contact us indicating the photograph(s) of interest. We can provide prints in a variety of sizes depending on the quality of the original image.