Photos appear on the site as and when we take some interesting ones. They're now mostly taken using our digital camera, but occasionally ones from the digital video camera appear as well. We used to take a lot of eyemodule photos but then it got stolen :-(.

Beach Silhouette I
Easter 2007, 2007-04-11
From the Borreguiles I lift
Spain 2007, 2007-03-17
Central Hall
Natural History Museum, 2007-02-04
Reflections II
Utah places, 2007-12-28
Powder Mountain VII
On the slopes in Utah, 2007-01-01
Weekend in Zurich, 2006-10-06
Bombe Drums I
Bletchley Park, 2006-09-23
Peter Bayless
A Taste of Sussex Market, 2006-09-17
A weekend in Margate, 2006-09-10
La Casa III
Spain 2006, 2006-09-03
Reece and a sand sculpture
Sand Sculptures 2006, 2006-08-12
Rainbow building
Brighton Pride 2006, 2006-08-05
Sarah, Jack and Millie
Millie, 2006-07-23
Red Arrows III
Kent Air Show 2006, 2006-06-17
Jack and Reece
Family at the Kent Air Show 2006, 2006-06-17
Astronomical Clock II
Prague 2006, 2006-06-04
Window III
Prague Stained Glass Windows, 2006-06-05
Fire breathing horse VIII
Last day of Brighton Festival, 2006-05-28
Dandelion Clock II
Lunchtime walk, 2006-05-11
Walk in the forest I
Jane's birthday weekend, 2006-04-29
Steam Train I
Easter 2006, 2006-04-15
Steff and Noah II
Noah's Christening, 2006-03-12
Breckenridge II
Colorado 2005, 2006-03-05
Jeremy the powderhound II
New Year in Meribel, 2005-12-28
Torches and Flares III
Lewes Bonfire 2005, 2005-11-05
Eden I
Cornwall 2005, 2005-10-01
Isis II
Sand Sculpture Festival, 2005-07-23
JavaOne 2005, 2005-07-11
Nice 2005, 2005-05-14
Lake Kootenay IV
Canada 2005, 2005-04-05
British Museum Plaza I
London, 2005-02-12
Richard taking a rest
New Year in Morzine, 2005-01-01
The Temperate House
Ice Skating at Kew, 2004-12-13
View I
The Lakes, 2004-11-29
Burning Crosses III
Lewes Bonfire 2004, 2004-11-05
Paul at the top
Snowboarding, 2004-09-22
Statue of Liberty III
New York City, 2004-09-04
Lap 2
Brands Hatch, 2004-08-23
Pointy bushes
Ham House, 2004-08-15
Selfridges IV
Selfridges, 2004-06-06
London Eye III
A day in London, 2004_05_22
View from the Chalet I
Big White, 2004-03-23
Vancouver street
Vancouver, 2004-03-23
Wedding XI
Neela and Ste's Wedding, 2004-01-08
A line of Ambassadors
Calcutta 2004, 2004-01-03
Andy looking shocked III
Christmas Day Swimmers 2003, 2003-12-25
Pink torches II
Lewes Bonfire Night, 2003-11-05
Spot the tourists....
Irish Cycling Safaris meet up, 2003-08-28
Looking outwards
Robin Hood's Bay, 2003-07-26
Flying Freddie I
A lunchtime walk with Freddie, 2003-07-23
Time for a rest
South Downs Way - Amberley to Brighton, 2003-07-08
Kronenbourg Cup, 2003-06-28
The Depot
Brighton Festival 2003, 2003-05-26
Brighton Kite Surfing Championship, 2003-05-26
Debris II
West Pier Fire II, 2003-05-12
Photography section of book shop
Mayday project 2003, 2003-05-12
Childrens Parade Balloon
Children's Parade, 2003-05-03
Abstract Tulip 1
Easter 2003, 2003-04-25
West Pier Ballroom at sunset
More West Pier photos, 2003-03-31
Charred wood
West Pier Fire - The Morning after, 2003-03-29
Close up
West Pier Fire, 2003-03-28
Pioneer Bike Run, 2003-03-23
Make crepes...
Anti-war protest in Brighton, 2003-03-20
2 towers
Warwick castle, 2003-03-09
Old Bank
Stratford, 2003-03-08
Colchester Zoo, 2003-02-09
Pier clock and police car
A tale of two piers, 2003-02-05
West Pier Collapse II, 2003-01-29
Les Arcs 2003, 2003-01-27
Trees and Orion
Winter night sky, 2003-01-08
Tree with snow crystals
Snow on the downs, 2003-01-05
Collapsed Ballroom
West Pier Collapse, 2002-12-30
Reece and a bomb
A day in and around Margate, 2002-12-27
Boxing Day 2002, 2002-12-26
Christmas Angel
Christmas Day 2002, 2002-12-25
One of the many clocks
Burning the clocks, 2002-12-23
Three Barrels
Bonfire 2002, 2002-11-05
Snowboarding and Chesterfield, 2002-10-19
Official wedding photos, 2002-09-07
The wedding party
Unofficial wedding photos, 2002-09-07
Wet feet
Bank Holiday Rainday, 2002-08-25
August bonfire, 2002-08-17
Just married
Hen and Stag Day, 2002-08-03
Catherine and Christopher
Catherine's 4th birthday, 2002-07-07
Juliet and Jane
McConkey Visit, 2002-06-29
New Zealand
Susie leaving drinks, 2002-05-31
Susie leaving, 2002-05-24
Brighton Festival Big Weekend, 2002-05-11
Happy 30th
Jane's Surprise 30th birthday party, 2002-04-27
A Sunny April in Brighton, 2002-04
A collection of Morris Minors
A short bike ride in April, 2002-04-14
Rich flies our kite
BKF Fly in April 2002, 2002-04-11
Daisy, 2002-04-06
Kicking Elvis
Easter Sunday, 2002-03-31
Fizzy beer
Good Friday, 2002-03-29
A smile?
Daisy, 2002-03-09
Lots of placards
Save our seafront protest, 2002-02-27
Steff and Daisy
Daisy, 2002-02-17
Track beneath the trees
Falmer bike ride, 2002-02-16
Jane and Paul
Pancake Day 2002, 2002-02-12
Richard and Paul
Mid Feb bike ride, 2002-02-10
Reece the dinosaur
Reece and Jack, 2001-02-02
Rich does some route planning
Bike ride around Foredown, 2002-02-02
Karen walks along the beach, despite the rain
Karen, Paul and Juliet visit, 2001-01
The window of the chapel at the Fort
Malta, 2001-01
New Years Eve, 2001-12-31
Steve, Jane, Thomas, Rachel and James
Daniels family visit, 2001-12-29/30
Not just us
Christmas 2001, 2001-12-25
Dad, Richard and Mum
December exploring, 2001-12-22
View towards Debenhams
Churchill Square at Christmas, 2001-12-17
And again
Photo Day, 2001-12-13
Leaves in Steyning
Jane's folks visit, 2001-11
The effigy of the pope
Bonfire Night, 2001-11-05
It's all done with steam
Vintage Car Rally, 2001-11-04
Stuffy shows off her bump
Simes and Steff Visit, 2001-10-20
The Christening cake
James' Christening, 2001-09-30
The West Stand
Hull v Halifax, 2001-08-29
Still the pavillion
In and Around Brighton, 2001-09
A wall tile
Garden Shots, 2001-09-05
The finale
Summer Fireworks, 2001-08-25
Flat sold
Moving House, 2001-08-23
Richard gives us something to show the size of the new kite against
Advance Janus 3.1, 2001-08-15
Still Jazzy People
Ealing Jazz, 2001-08-12
One of the larger kites at the festival
Dunstable Kite Festival, 2001-07-29