So much for modern

So much for modern technology and government initiatives. The Inland Revenue still haven’t got their self-assesment service back on line yet. It has to be completed by the end of September and I just want to get on with it, so I’ve resorted to calling them up and asking them to send me a form through. It *really* grates to have to resort to filling in paper based forms, but I want to get it out of the way before the wedding build-up really starts. Bah!

It was beautiful day

It was a beautiful day here in Brighton yesterday and so we went for a walk along the beach and decided to stop for a pint. This was a really splendid way of spending time, drinking beer watching the wakeboarders fall in the sea. We then headed off to the BNM social at the Sussex Arts Club (quite an interesting place) and met some new people, and met up with some we’d met before. As we were heading home, we discovered that one of the restaurants in Boyce’s Street is being refitted to become a Nando’s and is due to open in August. This is great news for us as Nando’s is one of the only things we’ve missed about not being in Ealing. Nando’s is great takeaway food, tasty chicken with a peri peri sauce. Yummmm! Roll on August.

And ve just spotted

And I’ve just spotted this, a page dedicated to chants about Rio Ferdinand, to the tune of Duran Duran’s Rio. My current favourite is “His name is Rio and he plays for Engerland, Oh Rio, Rio take us to the promised land.”

The world cup is

The world cup is really starting to get interesting now. 4 of the teams to make it to the quarter finals are not who I expected to see there. So, the quarters line up as:

  • England v Brazil – Friday 7.30am UK time
  • Germany v USA – Friday 12.30pm UK time
  • Spain v South Korea – Saturday 7.30am UK time
  • Senegal v Turkey – Saturday 12.30pm UK time

There are some interesting and hard to call matches there.

Last night we were

Last night we were at a photo exhibition at the
Gardner Arts Centre called
It’s Wrong to Wish on Space Hardware. The trigger to go was the combination of having a copy of Orbit: NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth and also loving the Billy Bragg song that the title is taken from (New England).

It was a free exhibition, and it was of a size that occupied us for about 15 minutes.
There was a mix of stuff: official NASA prints (my personal favourites), photos of the Russian space programme (best: a cosmonaut ready to go, but sitting on a nasty 70s sofa in what looked like someone’s living room), plus fake space shots: pictures of pancakes that resembled the moon, and windscreen bug splat that looked like the night sky.