few months ago received

Man with flaming torches“”

A few months ago I received an email from someone asking if they could see a higher res image of this photo to see if they wanted to use it in their magazine. I replied and thought no more about it until today when I got an email saying that it is going to be in the November issue. I haven’t asked for any money, just a credit and a copy of the magazine when it’s published.

There an article on

There’s an article on the ThisisLondon.co.uk site about the temperatures on the London Underground during summer – it’s hotter than the EU regulations for transporting animals, but there are no regulations for transporting people apparently!. Glad I don’t have to use the tube any more.

Yesterday started off as a nice day

Raindrops on the table

Yesterday started off as a nice sunny day, so Rich and I decided to go down to Bar Gemini to meet Jeremy and Kirsty for a beer and then some lunch. We’d had a couple, and the band had finally started to play when it started to rain, and it really rained. People were streaming from the beach to the nearest shelter, people were packed into the pubs and shops along the sea front. And the rain continued. We watched one lady walk past with a carrier bag on her head. Then her and her friend found a big puddle and started kicking water at each other – the boys hoped it was going to become a wrestling match but they moved on. To be honest we really had a good laugh, and I took a few photos to record the event.

When the rain calmed down, we made a run for it and went for our delayed lunch at Browns and slowly dried out.

Saturday we were over

Saturday: we were over at Rob & Sue‘s place for Rob’s 30th birthday party/BBQ. Ace time, great people, and someone bought Rob a Swingball but we headed off back home before it came out of its box. We then got lost trying to drive out of Kingston, but that’s normal: it seems you have to drive around the one-way system a few times until you reach escape velocity.

Nick Berry was back

Nick Berry and the mini moke

Nick Berry was back at the garage over the road with his mini moke today. Not the greatest of photos I know, but he’s the one at the back right hand corner of the car with a bit of window (or something) in his hands.

It year since we

It’s a year since we moved to Brighton, and it’s been great. I’m not sure we’ve always made the most of being here, but we’ve certainly done a lot of fun things in that time.

For the last couple

For the last couple of days there has been a Mini Moke in the garage over the road from the office. This afternoon a couple and their kids came to collect it, and we were having a good nosey at it to see what it drove like. As they pulled out Jeremy recognised the guy – it was Nick Berry. So that’s my second famous Brightonian. Lots more to go…

Well the move went

Well the move went pretty well. Jeremy lost a pair of shorts – there was a lovely ripping sound as they split whilst he was bending down to pick up a particularly heavy cabinet. Oops. So now we’re established in our new office. We overlook an MOT garage so it’s not exactly peaceful, and the smell from the cafe down the corridor is a bit hunger-inducing, but it’s a nice place to be. Today we got an ISDN line plugged in but because these are serviced offices, we have to go through the NTL switchboard, which means out BT Anytime service no longer works, so we’re back to paying local calls all the time we’re connected to the internet. Bah!

Today is office move

Today is office move day. The lads have already left with the first van load, and I’m minding the phones at the moment in our old office. They’ve already taken my development server away, so I’m left with little else to do but pack more bags and do some web surfing.