Yesterday went to the

Yesterday I went to the Printwear and Promotion show at the NEC in Birmingham. As I said last week, most of the conferences I’ve been to have been technical for technicians so this one was a complete change as there were lots of people selling print and embroidery machines as well as the new ranges from clothing suppliers. We went to see what was on offer for the Summer offering from Igloo Life and found some possible new suppliers to supplement what we already offer. It was a long day though, Brighton to Birmingham is a long drive when you only spend 3 hours at the show.

The BBC are doing

The BBC are doing a special holiday programme on 50 things to do before you die. Currently they’re accepting submissions from people suggesting ideas of what they’ve done or what they’d like to do – I’ve submitted two, one I’ve done and one I’d love to do.

So, the one I’ve done is see an eclipse [Hungary 1999] and the one I’d love to do is see the northern lights. I’m sure I can think of many more, but I thought two was a good start 🙂

The web logs for

The web logs for this site tell us that people have been asking search engines questions like “when is pancake day” or “pancake day 2003 UK” and ending up on a page of pancake pictures from last year. Not very helpful. So, for those of your searching for this information….This year, pancake day is Tuesday 4th March (2003).

Pancake day is always the day before Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is 40 days before Easter. And you can work out the date for Easter with some maths (including C source code. Woohoo).

ve been reading bits

I’ve been reading bits of the The Sydney Morning Herald (Jono‘s fault), and it made for interesting reading: Eriksson upbeat despite loss (BBC) vs.
Savour the perfect 10 (SMH). More interesting, though, is the SMH’s take on the UK press (‘Load of roo-bish’ causes a stink on Fleet Street) and the BBC’s take on the Australian press (Pom-bashing gathers pace).

It’s quite odd getting different perspectives from “local” sources. I might add the San Francisco Chronicle to my reading too.