ve just been for

Pier still smoking

I’ve just been for a wander down to the West Pier and it’s still smoking. I wonder how long that will go on for.

West pier on fire

Perfect day for a fire: a week or more of dry, warm, weather and a good breeze to fan the fames. The West (“other”, “old”) pier caught fire just before 10am this morning. We stood around and watched as the blaze grew and bits of the pier fell in on itself. These are the photos taken with my phone.

In the distance Fire

Helicopter Poilice line do not cross

Helicopter landing

In that last photo I was suprised by a helicopter landing on the beach. The photo is actually of it taking off again, but they are big things and make quite an impressive noise up close.

I’m guessing the West Pier web cam is going to be a popular link today. The local news is reporting things like “strong suspicions this was the work of an arsonist” and also that the “West Pier rebuild ‘will go ahead'”.

Mandy and Chris visited

Mandy and Chris visited us over the weekend and took us out of town to the Yew Tree Inn (“Nr Polegate, Sussex, 01323 870590”). It’s a pub that serves top food… too much top food, but I couldn’t stop myself eating it. Aside from food they also serve my current favourite beer. The tables are maybe a bit too close together, but apart from that, it gets both (yes, both) thumbs up.

Of course, we’ll never find it again as it’s in the middle of nowhere.

The house is currently

The house is currently under siege. Seems there was a cat trapped in the bin cupboard (trash or refuse area) outside the house. And now it’s out and it’s pretty angry, or maybe distressed. No-one really wants to get too close to it to find out for sure.

What are you supposed to do in these situations? The RSPCA web site isn’t terribly helpful, so I gave them a call and they more-or-less said “forget it, but call us if you think it’s really really hurt”. So, my plan is to forget about it.