On Saturday evening we

Bjorn Again

On Saturday evening, we helped Simes celebrate his birthday by going along to one of the Music for a Summer Evening events at Kenwood House. We saw Bjorn Again, and I have to say they were great. I’d never been sure about the whole tribute band thing, but thought it might be fun, and it was. Daisy, now 18 months old, appears to be a bit of a rock chick, and seemed to particularly enjoy herself.

Rescue mission

On Tuesday, just after I’d got home from work, Kirsty called to ask me if I could help her. Jeremy and Duncan had gone out on a bike ride, and had both fallen off their bikes and injured themselves. Kirsty came around and collected me in her truck, and we headed off to find them. Fortunately they’d gone on a ride I know well, and so with the help of the OS map we were able to find them. We dropped them off at the hospital, then unpacked the bikes before Kirsty headed back to sit in A&E for 4 or so hours. The diagnosis was that Duncan had fractured the tip of his finger, and Jeremy had to have 14 stiches in a nasty cut on his forearm.

ve just been looking

I’ve just been looking around the internet searching for somewhere selling The West Wing Series 1 cheaper than Amazon, and I stumbled across Priceclash who do comparison shopping for DVDs, videos, CDs and games but who seem to cover far more stores than Kelkoo or any of the other alternatives. One to bookmark I think.