Tomorrow is Concorde last

Tomorrow is Concorde’s last flight. I think this is a shame, as a) it was (and still is) a great technological achievement, and b) I haven’t flown on it. We were talking about this at work today, and I remembered that I’ve stood on a Concorde, and looked in the cockpit, and sat in one of the seats, but I haven’t flown on it. After leaving uni I worked for Speedwing Logica for a few years, and when we had a day trip to the office before starting work we were taken around Heathrow and shown around a newly kitted out 747 and a Concorde. My memories of Concorde are that it was very small, the cockpit was very low tech in comparison to the fly-by-wire 747.

After going to Camera

After going to Camera Club last night and seeing some of the photos people have produced using home printers rather than the dark room or the printing services from people like pixology I’ve decided it’s time to look into getting one myself. My first stop is the Canon website where you can upload an image, and they’ll print it out on the printer you’re interested in. I’ve chosen this image as I seem to recall that images with greens in can be tricky to produce.