think just heard this

I think I just heard this phrase on the radio:
“…meanwhile, over on Radio 4 long wave, lawn mower racing…”

A bit of digging reveals, and the fact that today is the British Lawn Mower Racing Association’s annual 12 hour race.

“As the grasshead racers gun their Atcos and Qualcasts round a field in Dorset at a dizzying 35mph, Murray [Walker] is moved to pick up his commentator’s microphone once more to describe this most spectacular, and democratic, of motor sports. ”

I’d better go tune in…

We went to see

headstand at half time Cricket in the background

We went to see Sussex v Hampshire at Twenty20 cricket on Friday evening. I’d expected a far higher scoring game, and at 6 for 3 I was wondering whether I should change allegiance to become a Hampshire Hawks supporter. It was my first cricket match, and it was quite enjoyable (although I didn’t get the hang of all the Twenty20 rules). I was very impressed with how family oriented the whole occasion was, with children playing ball games before the match and a good, friendly atmosphere with home and away supporters mixed together.

The beer was good, but the sausage and chips was a total rip off.

For anyone who missed

For anyone who missed the NotCon’04 (like me), there’s now audio and video to watch.

NTK described NotCon as: “is an informal, low-cost, one-day conference on things that technologies were perhaps not intended to do”. I can recommend “Telling the time (not very accurately) using a Marks & Spencer prawn sandwich and a BBC micro”.


The Moomins - like hippos, only not as aggressive

I’ve had the above newspaper clipping for what must be 10 or 15 years. I’ve no idea why I’ve hung on to it, or rather, I’ve no idea why I like it so much. Children’s TV is good.