Squash on the beach… or not

A few months ago we became aware of the interesting idea of the Squash on the Beach event. It was due to start last weekend with a 50 hour charity event, and then move on to a tournament. On a couple of occasions over the weekend, and yesterday evening, we went hunting for the “glass court” but all to no avail, not a glimpse of it. Today, I’ve taken a look at the website and have discovered that it has been postponed until next August – due to “a failure by a third party contractor” when it will be held in a specially commisioned air-conditioned dome.

had to go for

I had to go for my eye test the other week, and as it had been over 3 years since I got new glasses (being a mainly contact lens wearer) I figured it was time to find some. I really don’t enjoy shopping for glasses, as I find the choices daunting and I have no idea of what style/shape/colour etc I should be selecting. In the end I dragged a friend along and on her recommendation we went to Bromptons in Gardner Street. Such good service, the guy had time to help, offer advice, make recommendations on what would look good and what I should avoid. I walked away with the first pair of glasses that I think I’ve ever been really happy with.