Saturday Ray was in

Saturday: Ray was in Brighton. The band he’s in, loopjoy*, were playing at the Freebutt pub. We went along, and loopjoy (not sure if the * is mandatory) really are quite lovely live. The venue is great too: small but friendly, with a sound engineer who looked constantly baffled or hassled.

ve just been reading

I’ve just been reading a thread on Gone Boarding about a study about helmet wearing for boarders and skiers. I don’t have a helmet at the moment for snowboarding, but yet I do wear one when I’m on my mountain bike, both on and off road. Somehow that doesn’t seem to make much sense, I’ve banged my head more often snowboarding than I have on the bike. Maybe that’s another thing I should add to my shopping list next time I’m at a resort.

It ll probably never

It’ll probably never happen, which is a shame: “The holiday resort, named Pleasure Island, would be based two thirds of a mile off the coast of Brighton, between the city’s two piers”.

Does anyone else mentally picture a man in a white suit greeting guests: “Welcome to Pleasure Island

“An area of the development would also be set aside for low cost housing and flats” which I can only assume is designed to be the equivalent of a factory town for anyone working on this luxury resort.

Productivity thought was just

Productivity thought: I was just writing an email, and I wasn’t sure about the spelling of a word. It was all over in a few milliseconds, but what I found my fingers doing was to start typing the first few letters of the word and then I pressed CTRL+Space. If you use an IDE which has “code completion”, you’ll will know where I’m going here… I was expecting a list of matching words to appear, from which I could pick the one I intended to use. Of course, it didn’t. I think it’d be a good feature to have, and would really mean that I never have to learn how to spell.

haven done listing of

I haven’t done a listing of Palm Os apps for a long time… so, it’s time to get them

noted down… On my Sony Clie TH55 I have

  • For email : SnapperMail – I test a load of email applications, and although this is pricey, it works well with IMAP over wireless and even handles attachments pretty well
  • For a week plan of my appointments/todos : WP+ – I’ve used this application for many years and am still very happy with it
  • For secure data : Secret – another application I’ve used for years
  • For storing data : DB – there’s also an editor for use on the desktop
  • For business : Timesheet
  • For backing up : FlyZip – backs up automatically every day and saves it to my memory card
  • For amusement : RocketMania – excellent game, blow up fireworks by linking up the fuse, Falling – a really simple game, thats quite addictive, iSilo – an application to display documents