Whilst we were in

Whilst we were in Canada last week we picked up a copy of Frequency snowboard magazine, which is along the same lines as The snowboard Journal which we have a subscription for. It’s another beautiful coffee-table type magazine and the issue we have (4.2) includes an interesting “UnResort” guide – heli and cat access etc.

2005 12 21 00

2005-12-21 00:00:01, Brighton: first gay marriages in the UK. Interesting to note that the Civil Partnership Act also allows for divorce, so there’s an opportunity for another first there for any couple interested in getting into the record books.

A bad day on the hill is better than a good day at work

We’re just back from 2 weeks in Canada snowboarding in 4 British Columbia resorts (Fernie, Kimberley, Panorama and a bonus day trip to Kicking Horse). Unfortunately, whilst the UK has been having lots of snow (including just about enough to snowboard on in Ashdown Forest) most of the resorts we were at were desperately in need of the white stuff. Fortunately the bases were pretty good, and the grooming guys were working hard to make the best of it. We had a great time, and I can only imagine how good Fernie and Panorama must be when there is powder about.