Seen in near by

Poster stuck to a lamp-post

Seen in a near-by street: “Lost! One Penny. Circular and copper coloured. Last seen in my pocket. If found please pick it up and enjoy good luck that follows”.

We were on the

West Pier, with tide out Artist at work, making circles in the sand

We were on the beach last night, and the tide was a long way out. Further out than I’d seen it for a long time, and as a result we could get
close (1280×1024 image) to the West Pier. There was an artist out at work, creating circles of various sizes in the sand. Why? Don’t know. Why not.

Others were out cockling. We think. Well, they were digging holes in the sand. And yes, that’s right, sand. There is sand out there.


So we ve seen

So, we’ve seen our last real snow (I think) for the season, and finished with a great long
weekend in Chatel one of the resorts in the Portes Du Soleil area. We were really lucky and snow fell the day we
travelled and on our first day on the slopes and refreshed some otherwise struggling pistes. We spent one day in the Linga and Pré-la-Joux areas (a great, if low-visibility day), another day in the Lindaret area of Avoriaz (our favourite area when we were there at New Year) and our final half day in Super Chatel (limited terrain but great for practicing riding switch). Perversely enough, this was amongst the best snow we’ve had in any of our three trips this season despite it being almost the end of season.

We are going up I say we are going up. Oh yeah!

We looked at the league tables on Vodafone Live at 5pm, and the tables hadn’t been updated. So we didn’t know until the BBC told us that Hull have been promoted into the Championship. I had to pause TiVo and rewind to make sure I’d heard right!

Using the tried and trusted maths of “messing with the equations until it looks right” we predict Hull to be top of the Prem by 2017. But more pressingly, we need Brighton to stay up so we can go watch Hull play them next year.

Hull City AFC League Postition

Two promotions in two years. All together now: “One more! We only want one more….”