We revisited some of

We revisited some of my old Aspect stomping grounds at the weekend. We stopped off at Potemkin on the way to Cathy‘s 40th birthday and had a few vodka shots – I had a sweet cranberry (a bit like cough medicine) and a honey (bit too strong for me), the others had mint, sage (tastes a bit like stuffing), blackcurrant (a bit like undiluted ribena), sweet aniseed, black vodka and hunter vodka. The following day we headed back into town to see Dave, and ended up in The Food Bazaar which was directly opposite the first Aspect office I worked in down Gray’s Inn Road. A great trip down memory lane.

We visited my folks

We visited my folks in Hull in September, and as usual took a day trip on Saturday to show Richard more of Yorkshire. This time we visited somewhere that I don’t think I’d been to since a school trip when I was 10 or 11 or so – Dalby Forest. It’s a pretty impressive place, although not as rugged as I remember from my childhood. The most impressive thing was the tea served by Mrs Davison at Jingleby Thorn – where in the South could you get 4 mugs of tea, 2 slices of fruit loaf, one scone and jam and one scone with cream and jam for £6! Bargain!