Congratulations to Julie and

Jane and Julie

Congratulations to Julie and Craig on a great party with some lovely people, oh, and also on getting married. A roast for dinner (mmmm) and the band were cracking. Later, when the disco kicked off, being the designated driver, I was able to contemplate the physics of “It’s raining men“, and I conclude it’s messy. Ah-uhuh.

What else… plenty of men in kilts, which was possibly something to do with their surname. Allegedly the best man would show you the contents of his kilt if you asked nicely. How friendly’s that?!

We had tough time

Shopping for sheep

We had a tough time of it trying to find a restaurant when
Mitül and Ash visited this weekend. All these places we called were full. We couldn’t understand why. One place didn’t have a table for four, but said they did have two tables for two. I think it took a good cocktail to wake us up to the fact it’s the weekend before Valentine’s day

Valentine wall casts in shop window

About the photos: 1) The shop on Western Road only had one large sheep, and didn’t seem too keen to part with it. 2) After Ash and Mitül headed off to the station, we walked into the North Laine where a shop is selling plaster cast wall-mountable over-sized Love Hearts.