Whilst we were snowboarding

Whilst we were snowboarding in Colorado recently, we hired some demo kit to see what, if any, a difference it made.

The first board I hired was a Ride Kashmir 151 which I loved. I kept my own bindings as Breckenridge Sports only had standard Burton bindings. The board suited me well, and I found it a lot less shaky on flats. It didn’t take long to adjust to and I had great fun with it.

The second board was a Salomon Ivy 151 with some Burton Mission bindings. The girl in Breeze rentals recommended the Ivy as a great rental board, but didn’t think it would make a good board to buy as they’ve seen a lot of damaged returns. Apparently the Ivy is due for a re-release next year and it might be worth following up on then. The bindings were great and the board felt really responsive.

Looks like I’m in the market for a Ride Kashmir then…

Sometimes find it tricky

Sometimes I find it tricky identifying the dishes going past on the sushi conveyor belt. That’s part of the fun. But it’s good to know sometimes it takes a huddle of three sushi chefs to name-that-dish if you ask them….


Colorado: Part 1


Those people who have travelled with me know that I’m the one who tends to get “extra attention” when going through security. On our way out to Colorado my bag spent quite a lot of time in the x-ray machine. Security personnel explained that I was carrying a pair of scissors. Not a little pair of nail scissors, but a big pair. This was a shock, as I was pretty sure I hadn’t done something that dumb, but I started to doubt myself when people armed with big scanning technology forcefully insisted that in fact I did, and I’d have to hang around for a search. The way she said it implied that I really should know better, and that they see people like me all the time, and although clearly not a terrorist, I shouldn’t even bother to try to fool them, or expect to get something as obvious as scissors through security, I mean who do I think I am, and what was I thinking, wasting valuable time, and frankly I should be ejected from the airport now, as a simpleton, and have my airport privileges removed for life. Hmmm…yes, that about captures her tone.

There were no scissors in my bag. The security guy swabbing my bag (in that “I’m just checking your bag as an objective and open-minded observer, but I know you’re hiding something” way they do) was very surprised. I wonder who’s bag they mistook mine for, and which flight the big scissors went on?

Which all reminds me: Apologies to my fellow traveller yesterday, a lady at Gatwick North security, who I punched in the forehead while I was putting my jacket back on.

But…Colorado. It’s a remarkable place. Arriving at Denver you see what appears to be the flattest expanse of land anywhere, but turn around and… wow! There are The Rockies. At this point, I didn’t feel any different, but Denver itself is already 1.6km above sea level, and some of the places we were visiting were getting on for 4km up. As a result some shortness of breath and other problems followed. But nothing serious. It does, however, explain why supermarkets stock oxygen.



Colorado 2005

A snowboarding trip in Colorado, 10 nights spent at the lovely Four Peaks Inn in Breckenridge staying in the Gold Nugget room. Breckenridge was a great place to base ourselves, with loads of bars and restaurants to chose from. I’d return to Colorado, and to Breckenridge and would definitely spent time on Breckenridge mountain, at A-basin and at Keystone.

Resort review

Ride time: 4 days
Favourite run: Crystal or Centennial on Peak 10
Ranked: 2 – lots of different terrain to chose from

Ride time: 1 day
Favourite run: Humbug, Falcon and Cabin Glades
Ranked: 1 – our favourite resort because it was challenging, quiet and fun

Ride time: 1 day
Favourite run: Expresso and Cappucino
Ranked: 4 – a busy resort, with quite a few flat traverses which make it hard work for snowboarders

Ride time: 1 night
Favourite run: Spring Dipper
Ranked: 3 – excellent night riding, lots of runs on offer, nice resort

Copper Mountain
Ride time: 1 day
Favourite run: Union Park (primarily because it had trees and was quiet)
Ranked: 5 – too busy by far, most of the runs return you to the bottom of the mountain and there were huge lift queues. Offers the slopetracker service though which is an interesting and fun service.

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