Another busy evening last

Another busy evening last Tuesday, with both a Cafe Scientifique and a Sussex Geek Dinner to go to. We headed off to Cafe Sci and listened to Jim Skea of the UK Energy Research Centre talking about UK energy policy – what’s science got to do with it? We stayed for the talk, but moved on before the questions and answers as unfortunately this talk was very similar to one we’d heard earlier in the year.

The Sussex Geek Dinner was held in the Black Horse again, and despite a slight mix up with the food (new owners, insufficient details on Simon’s booking) the venue was good. Simon hosted well, despite his sniffles and a good crowd showed up. It was good to catch up with some familiar faces, as well as to meet some new ones. As long as Simon keeps organising them in Brighton, I’ll probably keep turning up.

Now to get on and organise a Brighton Bloggers meetup for January…