We went to see

We went to see Aladdin at the Theatre Royal the other night after I’d won tickets. It had been many years since my last panto experience, and many more years since Richard’s last visit, but it was a fun night. 7 year old girls really, really love Chico – the one behind us was screaming “What time is it?” at the top of her (very shrill) voice. We thought Toyah was great, although I hadn’t realised quite how short she is. I was surprised at how long the panto lasted, we started off at around 6pm, and didn’t get out until 8.45pm – that seems to be a long time for small children to sit still for, but the majority of them were really well behaved and seemed to be loving it.


water table
Belgian beer
More Belgian beer

We caught up with some friends the other evening at Bom-Bane’s cafe in Kemp Town. Emma had spotted a review of it in The Kemptown Rag and the Argus review made it sound so intriguing we just had to try it. We had the 27 chimes table, and had the Christmas set menu – smoked salmon blinis for starters, then beef wellington and finishing with either Christmas pudding or Christmas waffles. They have a great Belgian beer collection – the Blanche de Bruxelles was great, but the Mort Subite was just too sour for me. A great evening catching up with friends in a really unusual but lovely cafe.

27 chimes table

Winning streak

I’ve been on a bit of a winning streak recently. Firstly, I won tickets to see Warren Miller’s Off the Grid at the Marina last week courtesy of Ski Safari (good film, although it seemed quite long for a ski/snowboard film). Then at the company Christmas raffle I won a £20 HMV voucher, a calendar (which I gave to one of the lads) and some chocolates (which I shared with my team). And today I’ve just heard that I’ve won 2 tickets to see Aladdin on Friday in the Mid Downs Hospital Radio grand prize draw.

We went to the

electromagnetic fields slide

We went to the cafe scientifique at its new venue on Tuesday after the terraces made it homeless. An interesting talk “Power lines to mobile phones: hot air or hazard?” by Alan Preece of the Bristol Oncology Centre”. Beer was drunk, questions were asked, issues were raised. There seems to be proof that mobile phones heat up areas of the brain, but in research that speeded up responses, rather than causing any interference. Not sure I want my brain heated up, so I’m in the market for a hands free kit for my phone. The new venue worked out ok, a bit cosier than the terraces, and not as “cool” but nice and a good atmosphere.

We popped into Infinity

We popped into Infinity for some food for the week and decided we were hungry, so figured we’d try some of Clive’s Pies. And I have to say, they were fab. We went for one Arabian chickpea and one Hungarian – the chickpea one was our favourite, but we’re going to try some of the others soon.