Banff Mountain Film Festival 2011

Last night we attended the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour UK Edition show in Brighton. We went last year too, and if I get my way will go every year till they stop bringing it back to Brighton. It’s a great opportunity to see a variety of sports films on a large screen with a beer in your hand.

The films they show vary depending on your venue, but we got to see:

  • The Swiss Machine – awesome film, really incredible – watch the trailer here
  • Wildwater – this went on a bit too long for me, but then I’m not a wildwater fanatic… So, decide for youself after you’ve watched the trailer
  • Eastern Rises – when the lady introducing the video used the phrase “trust me” whilst telling us fly fishing was a great subject for a video I feared the worst, but this was a really well put together and, dare I say, interesting film which was utterly engaging – watch the trailer
  • Follow Me – lovely mountain bike footage – short version of this film
  • The Longest Way – a fast and furious look at photos and occasional video as Christop Reharge walks from Beijing to Germany (well part of the way at least)
  • Azadi Freedom – part skiing film, part travel documentary about Kashmir, totally absorbing – watch trailer (also inline below)
  • Parking Garage – a suitably silly way to end the evening

I think that Azadi Freedom ended up being my favourite of the evening, so I’ve embedded the trailer here for you to take a look at

This was only the 3rd date on their tour, so there are still plenty of opportunities for you to go and see some of these films, and I’d recommend it.