We spent the weekend

You know you're not in England when the road signs look like this

We spent the weekend in Aberystwyth (Wales, UK). Not sure why really. Hadn’t been there before. Jane might write up a travelogue but for now we have some”
eyemodule photos.

While researching the trip I found virtualhotels.com, which is handy for narrowing down the choice of hotels in an area. Then you need to jump off to Google or similar to get extra information about
a place.

We ended up at Conrah Country House Hotel. Nice place. Great service. Recommended. “Helicopter arrivals may be accommodated by prior arrangement with the hotel”. Of course. We may get addicted to luxury hotels like the Conrah.

shocked by how absorbed

I’m shocked by how absorbed I become when playing the card game Pit. You try to collect a set of commodities (like all corn cards, wheat cards, etc) by exchanging them blind with other players. There are no turns, you all just call out how many cards you want to exchange: shouting “trade two two two two TWO TWO” and grab the two cards from anyone who offers. It’s noisy. You need at least three players, but more is better.

Material things are just

Material things are just things and don’t matter, or something. But still it’s so good to get our car back again, restored to it’s former glory after a, er, slight miscalculation caused the car to come into contact with a large concrete block when someone, possibly me, was trying to park it. Could have happened to anyone. Anyway…It’s also an excuse to see how images work in blogs.

So this is it, the picture of the back end of our car, all shiny and unscratched. You’ll have to imagine the “before shot”, when this area was dented and mangled.

The backend of our car, recently restored after minor bump that could have happened to anyone and it wasn't down to my driving skills oh no

[Taken with Jane’s eyemodule]