The Queen goes hi-tech

Okay, not exactly, but I noticed from a story on the BBC that the Queen has released a message to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her Accession to the throne – on the Royal Family’s website. Do you think she’s going to start blogging?

We went out on

Rich and the map

We went out on the bikes again on Saturday, and this time took the camera with us. It was pretty windy at the top of Fulking Hill, and we had a change of route when we decided that if we went along the real route (from the trails leaflet) we’d be blown down into the valley – not so tempting really! See the photos.

got the bus to

I got the bus to work today as we’re going for a pint after work, and it took me longer than it does to cycle. Normally, it takes 15 – 25 minutes for me to cycle the 3 miles from Brighton to Portslade (depending on the weather), but today it took me at least 40 minutes from leaving the house to sitting down at my desk. Pah!