We were listening to

We were listening to Radio 5 last night when
we heard that the Queen Mother had died. “And of course, due to the death of the Queen Mother, football matches with be…” was how we learned the news. So we went off and caught up with the news on BBC News 24.

Reece, who visited us today, told us that he’d
heard that the Queen Mother died because
she was eaten by a donkey. Kids, eh?

We watched Sliding Doors

We watched “Sliding Doors” last night – Tivo had recorded it for us at Christmas, and we hadn’t got around to watching it (we’d seen it at the cinema years ago). As the ending credits ran I was really surprised to hear a Dido track on it, and I’d wondered if this had been added to the film later, but a quick scan on imdb soundtracks seems to say it was original. It’s strange how Dido didn’t seem to become well known here until 2 or so years later.

We had bit of

We had a bit of excitement at lunchtime. We tried out a newly opened coffee place/cafe called Snosh. It’s on Boundary Road (the border of Hove and Portslade) and Susie and I first spotted it last Friday as we wandered up the street. It only opened this Monday, and so today we tried it out, and we were impressed. Finally, we have somewhere worth going to for lunch that doesn’t involve a drive. Hurrah.

On Sunday the weather

On Sunday, the weather was too windy really for a bike ride, so we thought we’d take the kite out instead. We headed off to Tysecombe Tye and got the kite out of the bag, and started unwinding the cables. Unfortunately, it was just so windy that Rich had to hold the kite down whilst I tried to sort the lines out, bah! major tangles, so we gave up and put it back into the bag. Next time we try and fly it, it’s going to take quite some time to sort out.

Jane at Camber

We didn’t feel like just heading home, so we went to Camber Sands instead as we knew that this was a favourite spot with kite buggiers. There were loads of them out and about, but we didn’t spend much time there as it was just too windy.

When you work from

When you work from home a lot, sometimes you need to get out of the house — even if it’s just for ten minutes — to stop yourself going mad. Human interaction. Air. That kind of thing. So, I’d popped out to the closest coffee shop (yes, it’s a Starbucks) to get myself a tall skinny latte and I’m walking it home up our street. At the bottom of the street there’s a small white van, and inside there’s a big happy dog, probably a Golden Retriever or something like that. The kind of dog that ‘s inquisitive and doesn’t seem to know how strong it is: heavy tail wagging away and big paws jumping up onto anything interesting. Outside the car was a man with a coat hanger, trying to angle the coat hanger through an open window to lift up the door latch. Hmmm…. I don’t think I’d choose to break into a car that has a dog in it. As I got closer I was wondering whether this was a 999 (911) situation, when I overheard the guy talking to the dog: “this is all your fault that you’re locked in…”. And you can just see it: big dog jumps up at the window, paws slip down onto the lock and… “clunk”.

On Friday we spent

On Friday we spent part of the evening jumping on bubble wrap. Oh yeah… we know how to enjoy ourselves. I recommend large-ish bubbles. Try it with shoes on or off. You’ll like it.