Well here we go

Well, here we go. World Cup coverage has started on the tv, and for the next month we have football to look forward to. Today we have the opening ceremony and the first game (France v Senegal) to watch. I’ll try not to let football take over my blogging for the next month, but, to be honest, chances are slim 🙂

In the last week

In the last week or so there have been some gardeners doing some work near Babylon Lounge. They’ve planted a load of plants in the flowerbeds near the footpath/cycle lane. Tonight, as I was cycling home, I watched a lady dig one of them out and put it in a plastic bag. Strange!

We ve gained an

We’ve gained an office toy! Susie leaves us tomorrow to head back to New Zealand, and whilst she was in London the other day she stopped off at the New Zealand shop. She brought us a packet of Minties and a wind-up Kiwi. He’s currently sitting on my desk, hopping around every now and again and staring at the unopened pack of Minties. Thanks Suz!

Here an interesting article

Here’s an interesting article on how lucky we are to be alive:
Amid the Universe’s Chaos, a Few Habitable Places (spotted on Slashdot). It’s a look at how dangerous the universe is, and how small the window for life is. The conclusion: life (as we know it) may be harder to find that we thought. The other side of the coin is that we should probably make plans to get off this planet. With that in mind, there’s some good news — it’s not Star Gate: SG1 yet, but I’m told that quantum wormholes could carry people.

When ordered the Moby

When I ordered the Moby tickets, I decided to save the extra £1.25 and collect them from the box office. Only then did I remember that by November I’ll have changed my name and will have to go through a bit of a performance to prove that the tickets are really mine (Ticketmaster require you to have the purchasers credit card and the reference number as proof). And as I could only collect the tickets on the day, this didn’t give me much “proving I’m really me” time. So, I’ve arranged to have them posted to me instead with the hope that this will work out easier.

Bacon sarnies

One day last week Susie was complaining about being hungry and wanting lunch. It was 10am. We sent her over the road to our local greasy spoon to get a bacon buttie. She returned with sandwiches for all, and my bacon and mushroom sarnie was lovely and possibly one of the best I’ve ever had. Today, the weather is horrid (raining and windy and generally yuck) and we needed comfort food, and so we had bacon sandwiches for lunch. I was going to miss this and stick to the lunch I’d brought with me, but then realised that I couldn’t sit in an office with 3 people eating lovely, lardy, bacon butties. So, I gave in.

We went to see

We went to see Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones last night. This is a much darker story than The Phantom Menace and despite what the first trailer implied, it’s not all a love story. Phew! I was dissapointed that the annoying Jar Jar Binks is still alive and wasn’t killed off but he doesn’t have much screen time and I guess I should be grateful for small mercies. Natalie Portman (as Senator Amidala) takes on an almost Lara Croft role with cropped tops and guns, and Yoda, with the help of CGI, walks. It kept me amused and entertained but it doesn’t feel “complete”, which I guess it isn’t, whilst you are watching it you know that this is a passage to get us to where we were at the start of the original Star Wars films.

Will we go and see the third one? Of course. We’ve invested too much time and effort into the Star Wars films to not go and complete the story. Will we buy this one on DVD? Well, only if the original series gets relaunched and we need it to make up the set.