Toilet Humour

Us Brits are pretty well famed for liking toilet humour. We visited Rachel and Steve the other weekend, and my Godson, Thomas, who is now 4, is obsessed with the words “pooh” and “wee” and the funniest thing he can think of is to call someone “poohy wee-wee head”. He’ll shout that out and then disolve into laughter for ages. Strange isn’t it! The question is tho, is this something that only British children find funny? And if that is the case, what do other Nation’s children find really, really funny at 4 years old?

ve been bit coldy

I’ve been a bit coldy and coughy all this week, and so have been tucked up at home for most of it. Some of the time working, some of the time sleeping and taking it easy. One thing I have been doing though, is watching Celebrity Big Brother. It’s been good fun at times (apart from watching them sewing that damn patchwork quilt which was just *so* dull) but yesterday our fav left – Sue Perkins. Admittedly, she was our favourite before she went in, but that didn’t change during the week or so that she was in the house for. During the “post eviction” interview last night on Channel 4 Davina showed a clip from a breakfast tv show when they’d been doing a vote about Melinda – was she more like Darth Vader (as Goldie had said) or Vulcan (as Sue had said)? The vote said she was more Sith. The thought of some breakfast tv show doing this poll just really made me giggle.

We went to see

We went to see Moby last night at the Brighton Centre. He was supported by Lamb (who were a bit lame really – a strange blend between Echobelly and Bjork but not as good as either – but they kept telling us that we were a “wicked audience”. Which was nice!).

Moby was a surprise. It was a lot punkier and louder than I’d expected, and there were more real musical instruments – for some reason I’d expected a lot of sampled sounds rather than real, live, instruments. He is a pretty manic stage presence, running around the stage and it’s no wonder that, as Jeremy put it, “He’s a skinny thing”. It was a really good concert, even if it did take quite a while for my ears to recover… surely a sign that I’m getting old!?!

Brighton was packed with

Brighton was packed with police yesterday. Back at home, I was flipping through the TV channels trying to catch the local news to see if they had any information (nope) but I found “What the papers say” on BBC2. Their newspaper photo of the year nominations are interesting. I think I’ll vote for the “John Major and his lady friends” photo (at the time of writing the “Argentinian handbags” has the most votes, just ahead of “11 September”).

was emailed job spec

I was emailed a job spec today from a company who used to have me on their books after I was made redundant last year – among many other, very detailed, requirements they want “fluently trilingual”. But they don’t mention what languages! The job is in Brussels so I assume it’s English, French and Flemish but…. Could I apply with English, Yorkshire and Hull as my three languages that I can fluently converse in?

Fortunately yesterday journey back

Fortunately, yesterday’s journey back from Chesterfield to Brighton was much smoother than last weeks and I got home only 10 minutes late. A miracle!

Yesterday I used my time wisely – I listened to a talk by Tim O’Reilly (him of the O’Reilly books) on “The shape of things to come“, I read some more of my current work-related book “Love is the killer App” by Tim Sanders (another good read, this time about the power of networking with other people and helping people out – being a “lovecat”). I also then decided it was time to work through my address book in my Handera, and so started emailing people I hadn’t heard from in a while. Some of them have dissapeared off the face of the earth, but I’ve had some lovely responses from others. A good use of those 4 hours travelling time.

Oh yes, I was also sneezing and sniffing a fair bit as I seem to have become a bit of a snot monster again. I’m taking today off and am sitting at home trying to rest up and recover.

“This promises to be the most spectacular night time display for decades”

I’ve just been out looking for the Leonid meteor shower, but I saw nothing. Brighton’s too bright, there’s too much cloud and having an almost full moon can’t help. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a meteor shower.

Now, do I set my alarm for 4am to see if the situation has changed? Mmmm… no.