managed to read newspaper

I managed to read a newspaper over the holiday (gasp) and there
was a story about the the results of
the International Rock Paper Scissors Championships. Yup,
there’s a championship out there. Although the World RPS Society talks about “wits, craft and ingenuity”,
I’m thinking it boils down to luck and a bit of speed. However, you might want
to check out the advanced guide, study the
gambits and maybe look at the FAQ for
advice on handling a “RPS match against a perceived psychic”.

Today we managed to

Pier collapse

Today we managed to get down to take a look at the West Pier and see how much had collapsed. It was a perfect opportunity for me to play with my new camera, and so there are a set of photos.

I’ve actually had the time to play with a few of the images, following instructions found on Eric Jeschke‘s site specifically for The Gimp (the image manipulation application I use) – and so I’ve used a different technique for making colour images black and white, and have also added a bit of grain to one. Top Marks to Eric for making really easy to understand instructions.

We went to the

One of the things in the procession


We went to the “Burning the Clocks” celebration here in Brighton last night. It’s got a very pagan feel to it, even though it was actually only thought up 6 years ago. Two processions of hand made paper clock lanterns, and other imagery set off from the Marina and from the Pavillion meeting up on Marine Parade for a bonfire and fireworks. See the rest of the photos.

Well all presents are

Well, all presents are bought and wrapped, our fridge and freezer are stacked with food and our Christmas tree is up and making our living room look festive. Hurrah! Time to gorge ourselves on fine wine and mince pies and enjoy ourselves!

found perfect Christmas present

I found a perfect Christmas present for Jono today – it was a cuddly moose in our local Safeway, with a Christmas hat saying “Merry X-Moose” on it’s jumper. But seeing as how a) we brought him a moose finger puppet back from our honeymoon, and b) he’s leaving the country on the 28th for good 🙁 it didn’t seem worth buying for him. So, instead, he’ll have to make do with this.

Last Monday 9th thought

Last Monday (9th) I thought I could finally say goodbye to the cough that had been plaguing me for the past few weeks. Hurrah! All was great until Thursday, when I started coughing again. By Friday I had a temperature of 101.5 and by Saturday I was a snot monster with a nasty cough again. I’m on the road to recovery again and have just been to see the Doctor and got some penicillin to shift the cough away from my chest. So, one week before Christmas and I’m on antibiotics. Lovely! Oh, and Christmas is running late in our house cos I spent all the weekend in bed – so no Christmas tree yet, (in fact our wonderful idea of going and digging our own at Wilderness Wood has bitten the dust as we’re going to have so many other things to do this weekend :-()