This evening was my

This evening was my first visit of the year to the Brighton and Hove Camera Club. Our speaker this evening was John Devenport showing prints on the theme of “Monochrome Images”. Some of them were very impressive, although I must be honest and say that he showed far too many photos for my taste – by the end of the evening I was suffering with a numb bum – one of the perils of sitting on the cheap seats at the back of the room. Despite that a very inspiring presentation, and it has made me want to go and get the camera out and start taking some more photos.

We went to see

We went to see Calendar Girls last night, and were very amused by it. I took a look at the official site this morning and am really amused by the amount of air brushing that has gone on with the main picture… I mean, really, the idea of this film is that a group of wrinklies get their kit off for a charity calendar – it’s not meant to be that glam.

And another rant …

And another M$ rant… I’m using SQL Server, and I want to (programatically) change the next identity for a new record in a table. So, I use the DBCC CheckIdent command. If no records have ever been inserted into the table, then I use DBCC CheckIdent ([tablename], RESEED,[number I want the next record to have]). However, if records have been inserted then I need to use DBCC CheckIdent ([tablename], RESEED, [number I want the next record to have] +1). What a load of pants!