My office pc is

My office pc is running XP Professional, and one thing has been driving me mad – MSN Messenger version 4.7 insists on running and then telling me that it isn’t a secure version. Finally, today I found a knowledge base article explaining how to turn it off. Yay!

ve been doing some

I’ve been doing some work with Nigel on a site he’s designed, just doing some dhtml tinkering, and thought that before I started writing the code I’d see if I could find something that did at least some of what we wanted. Thanks to Dynamic Drive I’ve only had to make the content specific, everything else worked like a dream – across IE 6, Mozilla 1.4 and Safari 1. A pretty useful site, and some pretty useful code too.

put up new email

I put up a new email address for Brighton Bloggers on Thursday evening, and today I received my first bit of spam to it…. from an email harvesting company. Pah!

On Thursday evening, Josh and I were discussing the idea of a SpamBlog, a blog that people can post their spam to. Okay, so it serves no real purpose, but we could publicise the email address and let spammers spam it directly, and cut out the middle man 🙂