June 1997

Basically this was a beach holiday to recover after a very hassled few months – a car accident being the cause of most of the hassle, and as such it was an okay holiday. We took one of the operators day trips, a jeep safari, which was great fun, although quite dusty as we were driven along small tracks. We hired bikes one day and cycled along to the sand dunes, which was really hard work due to the heat, but it did mean that we got to see a little bit more of the island under our own steam. Corralejo alternated between being really hot, and quite windy, after all the island name means “Heavy Wind”. There were no shortages of restaurants and bars, and although our hotel, the Corralejo Garden wasn’t in the middle of them all, it wasn’t a very long walk, and some of the fish restaurants near the harbour were great. The hotel didn’t have an entrance on to the beach, but did have a swimming pool with water features, although there was no heating to the water and consequently only the very hot or very brave were to be seen in it.

Author: jane

Software Developer, Photographer and Snowboarder