quick Brighton restaurant round

A quick Brighton restaurant round-up. So far, the places’s we’ve tried include:

Jim Thompson’s a mix of all things oriental. It’s right by the Palace Pier, over looking the sea, so
I thought “oh-oh, it’s going to be great location, terrible food”. But I was wrong
the food is good, but the cocktails are terrible. Watery is the only way I can describe them. Could it
be because we were at the “2 cocktails for the price of 1” night? If so they should rename it to “2 crap cocktails for the price of 1” night. One of the local radio stations ran one of their ads which claimed “the best cocktails in Brighton”. God help us.

In contrast is the small Greek/Spanish/Italian mix of Ipanema. We were tempted
with the sign out side selling us fresh Snapper and Monk Fish. What were we expecting? Something
along the lines of the fresh fish we’d eaten in New Zealand. Naturally we were disappointed.
It’s not a bad place; but we were underwhelmed.

Le Gastronome is an expensive but lovely French restaurant. Yum. It was full when we
arrived, so we left despondent. Half-way down the road the owner comes running
after us to tell us they’ve just had a cancellation and there was now space for us. And
to top it all off, the food was good too.

Last one: the Viceroy of India. It was empty. We went in, and drank beer and ate
curry. Tasty curry.