We watched the 1978

We watched the 1978 film “The Thirty-Nine Steps” the other week. We’d recorded it off the TV because whilst we were looking for a house in Brighton, we kept hearing parts of the story being read on BBC Radio 4 and thought we’d like to know the full story (we didn’t hear it all). What was strange though was that the story didn’t seem to be what we remembered. Certain key things had changed (like where Scudder was killed and how Richard Hannay escaped). We weren’t sure which version was correct, so I started to read the text on my PDA. I’ve only read the first chapter so far, but it seems that the Radio 4 adaptation was more true to the book than the 1978 film was.

Interestingly enough, there appear to be another 2 books in the series, as the Richard Hannay books are a trilogy. The other books are Greenmantle and Mr Standfast.

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