Birthday Meal

Well, to celebrate my 30th birthday Rich and I went to La Fourchette, a French restaurant on Western Road. To be honest this wasn’t originally my first choice of restaurant, but my first choices were not open on a Monday – bah!

Anyway, we went and for the first hour or so there were only 4 of us there – the other couple were celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary. There is a lot of choice on the menu, and there was also a whole blackboard full of sea food – yum. We made our orders and sat drinking our way through a nice bottle of red wine, when there was suddenly a lot of screaming and crying going on. It seems that one of the front room staff had cut herself with a chefs knife and severed a vein or artery or something – sufficient to cause a lot of bleeding anyway. One of the other diners had just finished her refresher course with St John’s Ambulance and so went and attended to the girl in the kitchen before sending her off to the hospital to be sorted out properly. The panic over, we went back to drinking and were shortly served our starters. These were good, and my scallops with bacon were truly wonderful. Our main courses were both good, although I think Rich’s roasted Red Mullet was a tastier choice than my pan fried Sea Bass. As it was my birthday, we also had desserts – my choice was cheese and a really good selection there was too, whilst Rich had the sorbet.

So, despite it not being my first choice to start with, I’m pretty sure I’ll visit again as I was really, really impressed with the selection of dishes available – especially the fish choices.

Author: jane

Software Developer, Photographer and Snowboarder