Spam Scam

I got sent some e-mail spam today, not altogether unusual, but this was a scam spam. The basic details are that it is sent from a DR. SAM BASHIRU (Director, ECO Bank Plc) basically telling me that a JAMES AKMEH died over a year ago in a ghastly air crash and had in his bank account at the time US$21.6M. The email wanted me to pose as a next-of-kin to James Akmeh and in doing so I would give my account details and 30% of the money would be mine, 5% would pay joint expenses and 65% would go to the originators of the transaction. All they needed from me would be my bank account details, and personal telephone/fax details. Tempting. Not!

I did a bit of research, and of course found it noted on several websites – some of the details were changed but the format were the same (Scam o Rama, Tanko Zuba). I also decided to do a search on a few of the other details, like Eco Bank. There is no Eco Bank (and google helpfully points to several scam sites when I search for it) but there does appear to be an EcoBank (although I can’t seem to get a response from their website at the moment). The email is sent by a – sounds like a good, solid email address then! I just wonder how many poor unsuspecting people actually do give their details out.

Author: jane

Software Developer, Photographer and Snowboarder