Since buying Mac back

Since buying a Mac
back in July I’ve become
everything I swore I’d never become: a Mac bore,
banging on about Mac this and Mac that, and how all Windows
users are wasting their lives. I don’t know how
this happened. I suppose I’m just more
optimistic when I use a Mac. Or maybe I’m a sucker for the marketing.
Either way, things seem better. Anyway…a
couple of days ago my Mac died on me: hardware
problems, and it’s heading back to the mother ship to get
some of that crashed saucer

refitted. So “up to seven working days” of life back
in the Windows world for me. It’s not a shock, it’s just… harder.
Windows does pretty much all the same things, but in a more complicated, gets-in-the-way, kind
of style. There are a zillion dull tiny details, but they add
up to quite a different experience.
Ok, there I go again. So, time for a late new year’s resolution: don’t mention
how great Apple machines are ever again. Let’s see how long that lasts…