We were in Castleford

We were in Castleford on Friday at the Xscape for some snowboarding, which was just great and, what with it being only an hour from Jane’s parents, I’m pretty sure we’ll be back there. Anyway… afterwards in Starbucks I had an innocent brand soft drink and the blurb on the side caught my eye:

The deepest well in Europe is 800 metres down. We know this because it’s where we get our spring water from. Apparently it’s very dark down there. We haven’t descended all the way because we’re a bit scared, but we found some monkeys who have hats with torches on them a bit like the ones miners wear. They take their buckets down to get the spring water, but they only do a 3 day week because they have a pretty strong union. Once we’ve got the water we mix in the fruit and some natural beet sugar, and the result is the nice refreshing drink you are now holding. We wanted to call them Monkey Water, but the market research came back looking bad, so please allow us to introduce Juicy Water. Hope you like it.

Surreal. Wonderful.