My squash days are over

I played my first game of squash with Suz over 4 years ago and we played together for about 6 months until she went back to New Zealand to be with the lovely Greg. I didn’t play for another year or so and then found a new squash buddy at work and have played once a week pretty much since October 2003. But no more. I’m forced to hang up my raquet and retire. A couple of weeks ago I started having some pain in my left knee, and my right shoulder, and today after little improvement I went to see the Doctors. The diagnosis is a torn muscle (probably deltoid) in my shoulder, and a strained or sprained ligament in my left knee. The Doctor recommended that I give up squash, and if I don’t give it up I should wear a knee brace.

When I was young I often had knee problems, they would lock when I sat on the floor. I remember going dry slope skiing one time and not being able to walk for a couple of days. When I mentioned this to a previous Doctor I was told to be careful, and if I wanted to go skiing I should buy a knee brace. So, having been warned before I feel it is time to listen. Much as I’ve enjoyed squash, I enjoy snowboading more and after just buying a new board, I’m not willing to risk that, and I don’t really get knee pain when snowboarding so I’m planning to continue.

So, I need a new sport that doesn’t involve lots of lateral knee movement. Suggestions from friends at work have been shove ha’penny, tiddlywinks and cards. Anybody got any slightly more active, but pretty low impact for knees suggestions?

Author: jane

Software Developer, Photographer and Snowboarder