Family trees

I did quite a bit of work on my family tree years ago and bought a copy of Family Tree Maker at the time. Since then I’ve installed it on machine after machine until now, when I have a mac and don’t want to install parallels just to run a very old version of FTW. Instead I downloaded a copy of MacFamilyTree which is quite a pleasant application, and works well with the GED file exported from FTW, but seems to be short on a couple of useful features whilst still in demo mode, and until I know what those features are like I don’t particularly want to spend $50.

Yesterday Aral twittered about Geni and Richard quickly sent me the link. It looks like quite a nice way to get a quick visualisation of your family tree, and is very usable, allowing you to invite other members of your family to contribute. Unfortunately for me there is no way to import GEDCOM files yet and until then it won’t become a usable solution as I’m not about to retype 150 or so peoples data in. Sigh!

Author: jane

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