A month at The Werks

I’ve mentioned I’ve been working out of the Werks. Well… it’s been a month now [over a month, but this blog post has been sitting around whilst I was away] and in that time I’ve visited the Werks ten times or so. I’m not sure exactly how often, but long enough and frequently enough for the coffee shop to know what my order is.

Unexpectedly I’ve ended up having about three times the number of meetings I’d normally have—the good kind of meeting, mind you. That’s down to being able to say “just drop by” rather than having to actually arrange anything. An example: Danny popping round the other day and we had the space to spread out his Post-Its® and discuss a bunch of ideas.

I get the sense that there’s a good chance of chance happenings happening—especially once more of the space is used. I’d expect more people to be showing up once we’re out of the dismal months.

A few times I find it better to work from the home office, for instance if I need the printer, make tricky phone calls, or just absolutely need guaranteed quiet. But mostly I’ve noticed that I may be getting more done when I do go to the Werks. As odd as it might seem, having to plan the day around what you need (that file? that external drive?) and then having to head out, seems to set the tone for the day. Prevents thrashing. Create focus. Something like that.