So, there have been no blog posts here since July, and the main reason, actually no the only reason why neither of us have managed to cough out a single post is because we knew that if we did we would then have to update every one of the files produced to remove the script tags that blogger had so thoughtfully added (not such a big deal for html files, but back in 2001 when we started all of this we thought that XML was a much better idea and script tags and XML don’t get on that well).

Still, it kicked our butts and made us, well Richard, finally do the decent thing and move us on to wordpress. So, as we reorganise all of the content from the old site into pages and blog posts, don’t be surprised if that tumbleweed feeling turns into a short tornado.  

Anyways, here we are again.  Did you miss us?  Even a tiny bit?

Author: jane

Software Developer, Photographer and Snowboarder