Collective noun for chuggers

Sitting in the office at lunchtime, we looked out of the window and saw 4 chuggers standing around the end of Bond Street. I was intrigued about the collective noun, so tweeted:

what’s the collective noun for chuggers? There are 4 of them huddled around a lamp-post at the Bond Street/North Street junction

I got quite a few replies, some via twitter and some via facebook.

Helen suggested:

A pillage of chuggers? An infestation of chuggers? A coven of chuggers?

Relly offered:

A campaign of chuggers? A smarm of chuggers? A knifetwist of chuggers?

Simon came up with:

A I-must-tell-you-I-get-paid-for-doing-this-but-its-still-a-good-cause of chuggers?

Seb responded with:

I would say an irritation of chuggers 🙂

which I rather liked, but Dave’s offer of:

that’s an “ambush of chuggers”

was the one I declared to be my favourite

Author: jane

Software Developer, Photographer and Snowboarder