Traeth Llyfn

Panorama of beautiful beach at Traeth Llyfn, Pembrokeshire

We had a week in Pembrokeshire in September, of which more in another post, and whilst we were there I discovered what I think could be my favourite beach (so far!)

It is called Traeth Llyfn, and is between Porthgain and Abereiddy on the Pembrokeshire coast path. To access the beach you need to walk, and then descend a set of metal steps (which the dog needed to be carried down due to the gaps being too wide for her paws) and once you’re down there it is a really lovely place to be, and nice and safe for an explorer dog like ours.

Richard and Skitters on the beautiful Traeth Llyfn beach

Steps down to Traeth Llyfn

We had the beach to ourselves for most of the time we stayed there

Traeth Llyfn

and most beautiful it was too

Traeth Llyfn

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