It was beautiful day

It was a beautiful day here in Brighton yesterday, and so the intrepid cyclists (that’s Paul, Rich and I) went off for a new adventure. We did our first full route from the CTC‘s Trails by Rails collection. We headed off to Falmer by train, and then cycled along some lovely tracks.

The route was supposed to take 1 – 1.5 hours, but we think that the people who measured the tracks were a) fitter than us and b) cycling on less muddy and rutted tracks – in some places it was impossible to cycle as we couldn’t turn our pedals around without hitting the banks of the ruts. It ended up taking us 4 hours to do the trail, although according to Paul’s computer we were only actually cycling for 2 hours of that – we must have had lots of rest time.

We joined the South Downs Way part way through the trail, and got to watch some hang-gliders, paragliders and even a proper glider. As we cycled closer to the Ditchling Beacon car park there were more and more people walking along – I wonder how busy this will be during the summer months! All in all a really good ride, and one that I’m sure we’ll do again. See the photos.

Author: jane

Software Developer, Photographer and Snowboarder